Media Manifesto

Media Manifesto Agency: Web Design, SEO, & Digital Marketing in Asheville and Raleigh North Carolina


Media Manifesto Agency provides a unique insight and organized, creative approach to Web Development, Design, Branding, and Digital Marketing. We bring the power of digital marketing and unique, modern design together to create atmospheres and feelings custom-tailored to your business goals.

Web Design

Custom web design on multiple platforms for businesses of all sizes.


What good is a website without visibility? SEO is the name of the game.

Social Media Management

Influencer marketing, curation, and much more.


Branding and custom graphic design to support your brand needs.


Affordable and easy hosting with support from our experts.

Data Analysis

We can help you better understand your analytics and help you progress further.


Branding and custom graphic design to support your brand needs.

Graphic Design

Branding and custom graphic design to support your brand needs.



Discovering your brand and business needs is an integral part of our process. We focus on real data, demographics, and functionality needs to sculpt the perfect solution for you.

No more guesswork.

We handle the semantics and sticky stuff. Curation of content in a solution-oriented environment is the name of our game. We are hyper-focused on organization and actual compounded, easy-to-understand content strategies to better help our clients understand the fast-moving nature of digital marketing and what our team needs to handle to create value, ROI, and real results through digital marketing, SEO and actual design.

One-On-One Discovery

Your brand, realized

Content Organization

Shared with you, always

Research and More Research

Understanding key targets

Valuable Direction

Your project goals guide us



Search Engine Optimization still reigns number one in promoting long-term visibility for your brand on the internet and even across social media.

Real data, real results.

We can optimize your website’s page rank potential online through a local SEO marketing strategy. This can reduce the costs for marketing your website, maximizing its efficiency to improve your business. 

Ranking Understood

Local SEO Potential


Building upon your website strengths

Lead Generation

Competitor analysis


Ranking Potential, Recognized



We produce original designs, wireframes, and more via multiple CMS platforms and software in order to provide our clientele with the very best in design.

Build smarter & better.

We build custom designed websites utilizing the latest software and concepts to create a branded and top-performing website that shines differently than the rest. We manage everything from architecture to mobile-responsiveness to user experience. Web Development isn’t just how your website looks, it’s also about creating effective and user friendly layout that your clients and customers can actively engage with.


Example builds provided, always

Actual Buildout

Real web design

Revisions & Management

CMS management


We're live in 5, 4, 3, 2...



On-going upkeep, management, and reports help keep your website, SEO, or digital marketing solution running at 300%

We've got you.

Plants need to be watered regularly. So does your digital marketing solution, except replace the word "water" with "Management and upkeep". We offer management, upkeep, regular updates, and ongoing work for our clients.

Client Dashboards

Reports & more

Easy-to-use requests

Revision management

Emergency Solutions

Crisis? Averted.

Cross-platform upkeep

All devices, all the time