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Empowering businesses and entrepreneurs with an outstanding, unique digital presence since 2018.

Digital Marketing Should Be

individually tailored

Individually Tailored

We have a different approach to marketing. We individually tailor our experiences to your brand needs, 100% of the time, no questions asked. Ensuring client success is a pillar of our unique business model.

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No more bad experiences with agencies. We believe in complete transparency with our business practices. Have a question? Just ask, and we'll deliver.


Accessible by EVERYONE

Everyone should have access to digital marketing to grow their business. We work one on one with our clients to ensure accessibility and success no matter what.



Cookie-cutter is sooo last year. We believe in experimental and custom designed marketing strategy because it works. There is no one size fits all when it comes to digital marketing success, web development, and SEO.

We can help you:


Realize your digital dreams

Boosting your brand on the internet is an art. In the 21st century, it's never been more important to market via the Web and social media than now. Businesses have access to thousands of resources, consumers, and clients at their fingertips. We want to help you recognize and attain your digital dreams.


Access your presence

Nobody said it was easy. With the right tools, techniques, and agency, you can access the power of digital marketing, design, and SEO to boost your business and create real value in the digital marketplace.


Meet your individual needs

We strongly believe in a one-on-one approach with our clients. Each project is approached with a discovery and planning phase in order to best define your brand voice and create the best possible solution.


Utilize pro tools

Tight schedule? Weird timeline? No problem. In 2019, there's no excuse to not be flexible. We promise to work hard to ensure your project is completed with flexibility, is enabled for growth, and is easy to manage post-launch.

"Design should be focused on driving the user from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible while preserving the brand image.

Media Manifesto Agency strives to provide people with accessibility to the latest design trends while giving them ROI and an absolutely beautiful design reflective of their personality and business goals."

-David Eisenstadt
Head of Design & Brand Management
Co-Founder at Media Manifesto Agency

Better Design.

We don't use pre-made templates. Our designs are custom-built with your business goals in mind.

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Real results.

Numbers don't lie. Our data-focused business plan is designed to drive engagement and provide ROI.

Buncombe County S.A.F.E.R.

Custom template design in WordPress

Briana Autran Photography

Squarespace design, SEO, and light graphic design

Mary Basnight Photography

Custom WordPress design and branding design

"Great SEO = Visibility.
Great Design = Beauty.

Data gives design visibility. The numbers stand to make or break your potential. Luckily there's no reason that you should be struggling to rank higher on Google.

We started Media Manifesto because we believe every website deserves unique solutions that are crafted to it’s unique needs."

-Gil Bentley
Head of Data & Search Engine Optimization
Co-Founder at Media Manifesto Agency

Hand-picked Team

Our team was curated with trust, performance, and results in mind.

Interested in being a part of our team? We're accepting resumes. Apply here.

David Eisenstadt
UX/UI Strategist, Brand Identity Consultant

Gil Bentley
SEO Strategist, Business Market Analysis Consultant

Mary Beth Eisenstadt
Graphic Design Consultant

Stephen Pippen
Web Assistant, Client Outreach & Sales


15+ North Carolina and Florida businesses have made the switch from a traditional agency to Media Manifesto. It's worth it.

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